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What is Cellular Meditation?

To be as an empty vessel is to be willing to accept all things, everything that life brings moment by moment. To be a witness to each breath with out agenda or attachment to an outcome allows us to access the wisdom of the body.

Whole body breathing ~ cellular meditation is about presence, it is about allowing the mind, the awareness, to merge ever more deeply into the breath, the body, the cells. This presence allows us to access almost limitless pathways for the conscious mind to modify, in beneficial ways, the unconscious mind and body.

By meditating with the cells, we move to a greater self-awareness and begin to awaken to the vast potential within ourselves. In recent years, cell biologists have demonstrated how dramatically we can influence our health and well-being at a cellular level. By simply bringing our awareness to something, there is the potential to change it.

When we rest our awareness in the body with a simple presence, gently without judgement or prior ideas, we enter the mystery, the deep intelligence of the body. Where there is discomfort, meeting that with gentleness. Where there is hurt, finding a safe place to befriend it. Where there is disease, sinking even into that. And in doing so there is an opening, an opportunity to meet whatever arises with courage and dignity, allowing enormous potential for healing.

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