Foundation of the work

The foundation of my work begins with conscious breathing. Relaxing control, you softly and continuously touch your breath with your awareness. This anchors you in your body in the present moment, and gradually, inexplicably the body becomes soft and deliciously alive.
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Whole Body Breathing

Over the years I have worked with many people who are facing a health crisis.  Simply focusing on the breath and accessing a stable and less fearful place in the body allows a fresh perspective and an opportunity to transform the energetic of fear into a force which can be focused in fresh and beneficial ways .

I work with small groups or individuals providing immediate, practical skills for being truly creative at the very times in life in which your old protective reflexes lock you in non-productive patterns of self-protection.

The Wisdom of the Body

In this work we access the wisdom of the body directly by consciously sidestepping the ego and the thinking mind. The breathing becomes an open doorway to a ceaseless flow of creativity in which we may experience a state where our bodies are no longer solid, nor material; it becomes spacious. This spaciousness is not merely within; it unites us to a universal fabric that transcends time and form in which the generative capacity of the body is allowed to assert itself naturally.

We come alive in a very subtle, yet profound way. It is my experience that this aliveness can repair physical damage and almost always relieves pain. Most of all it helps us step beyond fear.

Essential to the work is releasing all our usual agendas for achieving a particular outcome—not an easy thing to do when we are dealing with illness or struggling with emotional upheaval. Whatever our mind says about our state of health–either emotional or physical–is just a story, not the truth of who we really are. As we breathe, we softy shed our familiar sense of ourselves and touch a renewing sense of our wholeness.

My longtime practice and skill is being able to link with you intuitively through my body awareness so that we are traveling together. In this way I can support you to gently move toward the deepest potential for aliveness life can offer you in that moment. Listening deeply within myself as you breathe, with very few words, I help you safely relax your ego’s default of believing yourself to be a solid, separate, physicality, a static identity. You experience a loss of familiar boundaries and feel exceptionally connected to life.

My familiarity with this space creates a safe environment to explore the inner landscape. The journey it is not about getting to a desired outcome but releasing into a new aliveness and trusting that it has its own superior agenda. I deeply trust the wisdom of the body and its ability to restore health when given the opportunity.

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