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Land Art

Walking by the ocean on a grey and blustery morning while I visit my family in Cornwall for a few days, I was reminded of the land art by Richard […]

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From Fear to Faith the Documentary

Many years ago I had the concept of creating a documentary which illustrated the pivotal point in our lives that frees us to live from our authentic nature; to live […]

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Pop on over to Facebook for the latest things I am pondering, something new that has caught my attention and links. The posts on the Facebook Page aim to be […]

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Fibonacci Sequence

I have watched this beautiful, elegant video many times and continue to be inspired by it. It reminds me of the connection and vibrancy of all on the earth.  We […]

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Touching a Butterfly’s Wing

Imagine for a moment that you can touch the wing of a butterfly.

Softly now, the movement is a prayer.

In this way we can touch the painful feelings inside. So […]

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