Walking by the ocean on a grey and blustery morning while I visit my family in Cornwall for a few days, I was reminded of the land art by Richard Shilling. I found this image which was featured in the Telegraph sometime ago. So simple and so beautiful. One day, in the not too distant future, I plan to invite a group of people together and let them loose in nature, probably in the mountains and see what unfolds.

Richard says of his work: “The process doesn’t involve a lot of planning I will see a shapely rock or a beautiful leaf and it will inspire me to make something with it. It’s the ephemeral nature of land art that really appeals to me. There is a point a sculpture reaches where it is at its most vibrant and it’s then that I take a photograph, often just before it completely falls apart. Every time I go out and make something I discover new and wonderful things about nature. That is why I love it.”