Many years ago I had the concept of creating a documentary which illustrated the pivotal point in our lives that frees us to live from our authentic nature; to live a life with an inner faith that is not bound by an external creed or cultural dogma.

I worked with people as a hypnotherapist and came to understand that fear lies at the root of so many of the ways that we limit ourselves and therefore our lives. This fear is deeply buried, well hidden by our coping mechanisms. As you know this is by no means a new concept, it was simply revealed to me by my clients over and over again. Out of my desire to understand more about this pervasive conditioning of fear came the idea to talk with individuals who had met fear face on and with great courage allowed fear to be their teacher. The result of this journey allowed them to live lives of greater freedom and joy. They had found an inner faith and lived with great joy and also not surprisingly in service to life.

And so the documentary, From Fear to Faith, was created to share the stories of a few remarkable people. We also interviewed inspiring teachers in the field of the psychology of consciousness to give a context for the journey we must all travel.  The profound yet simple truths expressed by Deepak Chopra, Richard Moss, and Father Thomas Keating interweave with the real-life stories of people moving from shattered lives to discovering true inner faith.

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To lean more about the making of  the  documentary and to download the video visit the website From Fear to Faith the Documentary

The documentary was filmed and directed by the award winning team at Ikandi Media.