5Rhythyms Workshop with Nina Ejlskov – Cornwall

Wave After Wave – February 5th – 7th
An invitation to let go of a racing mind and to open up for a higher wisdom, the wisdom of the body and […]

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Reflections on Cellular Meditation

Here are a few reflections from one of my clients following several cellular meditation sessions.

“My experience with the cellular meditation is nothing less than profound.  I’ve had many varying and […]

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The Beauty of the Breath

If we look at the breath from a spiritual point of view it is possible that people who are anxious may have a tenuous connection with their deeper selves.  The […]

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The Breath ~ Our Friend

“Our breathing has been a friend that has accompanied us through every moment of life; it has never deserted us no matter how terrible we have felt. Friendship in itself […]

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Touching a Butterfly’s Wing

Imagine for a moment that you can touch the wing of a butterfly.

Softly now, the movement is a prayer.

In this way we can touch the painful feelings inside. So […]

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