Here are a few reflections from one of my clients following several cellular meditation sessions.

“My experience with the cellular meditation is nothing less than profound.  I’ve had many varying and exceptional, one might say  extraordinary experiences, and, at once, they are unexceptional and ordinary, in that, this is what happens regularly and ordinarily in the light of presence.

I have  healed myself of migraine headaches through being absolutely present through the breath with images and the deepest  feelings of rage, terror, and sorrow, yet with no story or drama.  The feelings were fully embraced and experienced, moved through and transformed, leaving me in stillness, quiet, peace, and gratitude.

I tackled chronic fatigue syndrome, from which I no longer suffer, by communicating directly with the cells of my immune system.  There was such relief and delight at being acknowledged, and a recognition that “we can do this, we can heal, we can work together.  Yes!”

Through the detox portion of the cellular breathing, I experienced a never-before felt inner support;  every cell, every organ, every system supporting one another, each significant as the other, creating the whole.

I became aware of the immense power of the  breath;  the PRESENCE from which life can be lived, the unending possibilities, the ability to touch infinity.

One of the most transformative  experiences with this work was that of 9-11.  Rather than doing a normal session that day, Annalisa and I decided to simply meditate.  I went to that place in me that hated enough I could harm someone.  I recalled someone harming one of my cats.  I felt the hate in my body and the desire for revenge.  I became the hate, became the desire to harm.  I simply stayed with it, I was it.  And then, in a flash it was gone, and in it’s place was love.  I, quite literally, was blown away, and contemplated what the world would be like if everyone would do this.  This was hate transmuting to love simply by being present.” Mary Lou M