This post by Christine Pelmas makes my heart sing and so proud to be a woman; an older woman who is so much looking forward to the richness of these elder years and many adventures still to come. Thank you sister for your beautiful words.

“I am getting older. Of course, this is true for everyone, but it has arrived for me like an insistent house guest, and I find myself its ambivalent host. For a while, cruising through my late thirties and into my mid-forties, it felt like I was actually getting younger. Each year filled with a sense of youthfulness and discovery. I felt like an innocent, testing out the deep waters after decades of playing in the shallow end. And then it happened. Like something lifted and the reality of my chronology became apparent to me. I realized I am at the door of my Queen years. My own parents gone, and my children now young men preparing to head out into the world on their own, I feel my purpose and my position in the larger lineage of my life shifting radically. I look at babies and feel the grandmother of me tickling at my heart. It feels like such an organic transpiration. I’m definitely ready. But what has become apparent to me here is that there is no turning back. That’s always true for all of us, but up to a certain point, we are not oriented to this awareness. We aren’t supposed to be. Here, it has occurred to me that I am closer to my death than I am to my birth. That the ground beneath me is shifting in exactly the appropriate ways based on this immutable fact. But here, there is so much I don’t know. In the absence of knowing, I miss my mother deeply. Who are my guides?” Read the whole article.