I travel a lot. More than 9 months a year I am away from home. Some could image this can pose a great problem for a whole food plants based lifestyle. In fact this past 2 months traveling in England, Denmark, Belgium and France have been a grand adventure. We found that gently mentioning to hosts how we liked to nourish ourselves stimulated lots of questions and inspired new dishes being produced in various kitchens. I always volunteered to shop and cook which meant finding my way around new kitchens almost every week! We made requests in restaurants and the results were varied, oil being the most difficult ingredient for chefs to abandon. Frequently in France we ask for vegetarian pizza and request no cheese. But mostly a little research ahead of time in big cities paid off and we were delighted to find wonderful raw food and vegetarian restaurants to explore.

The image above is from Botaniq a superb whole food plant based restaurant in Copenhagen. I never miss an opportunity to savour the delights in this welcoming (if a little pricy) restaurant.